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Use ChatGPT efficiently on your Apple devices.
Screengrab of GPTinf


Remove AI watermarks from your AI generated content.
Screengrab of GPTExcel


A formula generator for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.
Screengrab of GPTPromptTuner

GPT Prompt Tuner

Use AI to generate ChatGPT prompts.
Screengrab of Godmode

Godmode AI

Access automation powers of autoGPT and babyAGI.

Glass AI

AI for clinical decision-making and assisted diagnostics in medicine.
Screengrab of GetResponse AI Email Generator

GetResponse AI Email Generator

Offers tools for marketing via email.
Screengrab of GhostTheWriter


Create fun stories in various literary styles.
Screengrab of Eightify


Get summaries of YouTube videos.
Screengrab of Elicit AI

Elicit AI

Find useful publications for your research.
Screengrab of Freepik AI image generator

Freepik AI Image Generator

Create images with AI for free.
Screengrab Galileo AI

Galileo AI

Design beautiful, editable UI from a text description.
Screengrab of Generated photos

Generated Photos

Generate realistic human faces and bodies.
Screengrab of HeyFriday or Friday AI assitant

Friday AI

Generate quality content for different marketing needs.
Screengrab of Fronty


Transform any image into useable HTML and CSS code.