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Software Type: Podcast Editing

Adobe Podcast

Browser-based AI audio recording and editing tools.

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Software Type: Podcast Editing


Adobe Podcast is an AI-powered audio recording and editing tool. Powered by Adobe Premiere’s speech-to-text technology, it works best on a browser. If you have a story to tell, you can use the tool to sound like a professional without editing waveforms — instead, the specific words from your audio transcript.

Want to remotely record an interview with a podcast guest? The tool comes with high-quality remote recording capabilities to store audio locally, then sync it back into the cloud automatically.

Its “Enhance Speech” can also remove background noise from your audio and sharpen your voice frequencies. You also get a “Mic Check AI” to check your microphone setup and ensure you sound crystal clear.

Finally, there are “Project Templates” to streamline your workflow and create or collaborate with others efficiently.

Is Adobe Podcast free? At the time of writing, Adobe Podcast is still in beta, and you can “Request access” for free by filling out a quick form. You’re added to a waitlist for trying the software. But if you just want to try the Mic Check or Enhance Speech, they are available for free.

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