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Software Type: AI Agents


AI agent platform to automate business workflows.

AgentGPT ai agent

Software Type: AI Agents

Free + From $40

AgentGPT lets you create and deploy AI agents directly on the web to perform various tasks without human intervention. You can use it to serve as a programming assistant, research and generation, crafting emails, ad copy, creating personal finance plans, and more.

You just need to choose a name for your agent, choose a goal for it, and hit deploy. If you don’t want to start from scratch, there are a bunch of templates with ready-to-deploy agents across different scenarios that you can fine tune.

Its range of templates is spread across, being able to create social media captions, plan detailed journeys, extract and summarize data from a website, create a customized diet plan, and more.

Is AgentGPT Free? Yep, in the free plan, you get 5 demo agents a day using GPT-3.5-Turbo. But it has limited plugin search and web search capabilities.

AgentGPT Pricing: Pro package starts at $40 per month, and lets you access 30 agents a day and GPT-4 access.

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