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Software Type: Image Taggers

AI Auto Tag By Brandfolder

AI auto-tagging software for image recognition.

Screengrab of AI Auto Tag Brandfolder

Software Type: Image Taggers


AI Auto Tag by Brandfolder is an automatic tagging assistant. It’s a part of the Workbench suite of free image tools. The tool attempts to locate objects in an asset using its context and the tagged results using a machine learning strategy. The asset will have the most reliable tags assigned to it based on a confidence score.

You can upload image files from your computer or from your Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or an online URL location to get started.

Besides auto tagging, Workbench also offers tools to extra text from your images, convert file formats, resize your images, and generate a color palette.

AI Auto Tag Pricing: AI Auto Tag is a part of the Workbench suite of free tools. And you get free access for up to 5 times a day per user. You can get unlimited access to Workbench like tools, though, by signing up for a paid Brandfolder account.

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