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Software Type: Image Generators

AI Image Generator

Text-to-image generating AI tool.

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Software Type: Image Generators

Free + From $12

AI Image Generator is an AI-based tool that generates images from prompts.

You can give easy prompts to the AI and decide on various features like category, style, resolution, and canvas size. To get started, you must sign up on the platform.

Different categories featured are anime, magic journey, art, character, etc. The styles the software offers are fantasy, epic, line art, old film, watercolor painting, and more. You can also give negative prompts.

The AI can create up to 8 images from one prompt. The resolution of the image can be selected between 640px, 1024px, and 2048px. The canvas size can be decided between various options, too.

Image generation is not only done through prompts in this platform but also through image input. Other features offered by AI Image Generator are background remover, image swapping, and room design.

You can also create your own AI avatar on this platform using AI portrait.

Is AI Image Generator free? Yes, the platform offers 30 free credits to signed-up users. Users can switch to paid plans afterward.

AI Image Generator Pricing: Pricing starts from the Starter plan, which costs $11.9 per month. It offers 1,000 credits per month along with other features like 1k resolution and four image generation at once.

The Pro plan costs $29.9 monthly, featuring 4000 credits per month, a resolution up to 2K, six image concurrent batch generations, all the premium filters, and negative prompts.

The Boss plan offers unlimited credits every month, image resolution to 2K, eight image concurrent batch generations, all the premium filters, negative prompt, all aspect ratios, advanced features like Enhance, Upscale, Magic Journey Filter, and unlimited history cloud storage.

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