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Software Type: Songwriting Tools

AI Lyrics Generator

Generate lyrics for your songs across genres.

AI song lyrics generator

Software Type: Songwriting Tools


AI Lyrics Generator is a tool for creating songs. You can input a topic, choose a song type or genre (from options such as rap, country, pop, metal, etc.), and finally get your lyrics. You can add many topics by separating each topic with a comma.

You can use the lyrics generated by the tool for your commercial music projects, but ideally, you want to use it as a starting point. Its AI model is trained on a huge lyrics dataset across genres from the internet, so there will be similarities and an absence of authenticity anyway.

Is AI Lyrics Generator free? Yes, the AI Lyrics Generator is free to use (at the time of writing).

Can I use lyrics generated by AI Lyrics Generator in my song? Yes, you can use the lyrics for free. However, it is important to run a plagiarism check if they already exist to ensure their uniqueness.

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