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Software Type: AI Assistants


Unleash chatGPT's capabilities on your Telegram.

Best Free AI for content creation, AiGPT

Software Type: AI Assistants


AiGPT is a free tool that generates texts, images, reports, and more. It is a “one-stop solution” for content creation, from blogs to e-mails and more. Simple prompts are enough for optimum results with this tool.

The website has a link to add the chatbot to your Telegram. Once you tap the link, the AI bot will be ready to work with. The tool also has Magic Aid that can convert your vague instructions into prompts relying on its own database of prompts.

It can also take instructions in verbal form as a voice note. You can use the tool as an object for fun or as a professional assistant that eases your work and saves you time.

Is AiGPT free? Yes, the chatbot is free of cost. You can add it to your Telegram to start using it.

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