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Software Type: Search Engines


Smart search assistant based on generative AI.

andisearch semantic content engine

Software Type: Search Engines


AndiSearch is a chat assistant that’s based on generative AI combined with live data and semantic search technology. You can consider it as your smart friend that can answer your questions, find and summarize information, and navigate and search the web for you.

Once you plug a question — try being as specific as possible — AndiSearch can return a bunch of card-style visual search results for you. With the results, you have the following options:

  • Visit: To directly visit the website of the result,
  • Read: To read the article in an ad-free viewer without any paywall,
  • Summarize: To get a summarized version of the page,
  • Explain: To understand complex pages in a simpler language.

Once Andi finds results for your inputted question, it can also “Generate Text” for you for free. Technically its content generation feature makes it a competitor of ChatGPT.

A combination of AI + chat + search, the company’s mission is to save the world from spam, misinformation, and ad tech. Andi is currently in a stable alpha version. You can set it up as your default search engine and even your default home page.

Is Andi AI free? Yep, at the time of writing this, Andi’s website is free to use. It’s also privacy focused, ad-free, and doesn’t store or look at what you search. The company claims to only collect and retain sufficient data that enables you to create an account and be remembered between devices and sessions.

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