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Software Type: AI Agents


Enhanced language generation tool, integrating news articles and scientific data sources.

AutoGPT An alternative to ChatGPT

Software Type: AI Agents

From €5.99

AutoGPT is an autonomous AI assistant that writes factual and research-based texts. Based on the GPT-4 model, it enables self-guided task completion. The tool is used to solve a task or achieve a set goal using specific answers.

It collects relevant data from all the sources present on the internet, like news articles and scientific data sources, to create an up-to-date result. The AI saves an immense amount of time that is otherwise spent on researching and gathering relevant content for the achievement of any given task.

Is AutoGPT free? No, AutoGPT is a paid tool. It does not offer any demo or trial, however, the tool itself is available in three plans.

AutoGPT Pricing: The basic plan, “Just try’n it out”, costs €5.99. It gives you 1000 credits — each credit is used with each new task. The Power User plan that offers 10,000 credits each month costs €23.99 per month. The Business plan comprises 28,000 monthly credits costing €59.99 monthly. All plans feature the autonomous GPT agent.

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