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Software Type: Image Generators


AI image generation in a few clicks.

ai art generation bluewillow homepage

Software Type: Image Generators

Free + From $5/month

BlueWillow is an AI art generator that can create logos, graphics, photo realistic images, and other digital artwork for you with simple prompting. Whether you’re an amateur artist with little design experience or expertise, or a professional, the app is useful to create all kinds of images or art.

To access the Bluewillow app, you need to get verified on Discord and join their Discord server. Then you need to go to a rookie channel, and give a prompt that describes the AI image you want to generate, starting with the text “/imagine: prompt.”

Since the company has housed the app exclusively on Discord as of now, it lets the members of the community share and discuss their images. Or even participate in contests, events, and more.

BlueWillow is a self-proclaimed “Google Flights” for AI models. The app is an aggregator of multiple AI models and lets you find the right model based on your goals. You own the rights to the images you produce in your art or even for commercial purposes.

You can create AI images based on popular actors and movies such as Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Harry Potter, Leonardo DiCaprio, and the like.

BlueWillow Pricing: After your free trial, a paid BlueWillow subscription can start at as little as $5 per month.

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