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Software Type: App Builders

Builder AI

An app-building AI tool.

AI for making an app

Software Type: App Builders

From £100

Builder AI is an app development platform that makes creating custom apps easy for low-tech users. Relying on lego-like building blocks and its AI product manager, Natasha, you can create an app based on its range of templates. You own all the code and can customize the features you want in your app.

It’s useful for entrepreneurs, SMBs, and enterprises across industries to build an app that fits your business needs. The product can estimate your build timeline and provide a Buildcard with a breakdown of the features (with their costs) before you commit to making the project.

Is Builder AI free? No, Builder AI is a paid tool. However, you can book a 1:1 demo with experts through their website.

Builder AI Pricing: Most Builder AI plans are priced per feature as per the ones you want to have in your app.

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