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Software Type: Character Chatbots

Call Annie

Virtual assistant you can chat and video call with.

AI Virtual assistant

Software Type: Character Chatbots


Call Annie is an AI chat service — powered by chatGPT — that offers users a virtual assistant that is available to chat and make video calls 24/7.

Annie is the name of the bot used in the service. Consider her as your companion with whom you can share your daily events, ask to tell a joke, and if you are looking to learn something new, ask Annie to teach you that as well.

You can also:

  • Ask her to give you recommendations about fun things to do in new places,
  • Talk through your business ideas,
  • Request her to make a story for you,
  • Schedule appointments and set reminders,
  • Send emails,
  • Make phone calls,
  • Organize events or meetings!

Call Annie has various access points, including phone, live video, iPhone app, or web audio. The ‘Live video call Annie’ is a feature for iPhone users to video chat (which may feel more natural than regular chat). The app gets better with every interaction.

If you want some support, Call Annie provides a Discord channel for users to connect and discuss its performance and functionalities. You can also call the assistant by saving her number (+16402255726) on your phone.

Is Call Annie free? Yes, Call Annie is available for free.

Is Call Annie available for Android? No, currently, Call Annie is only available on iOS. But you can access it on the web without the need to download anything.

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