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Software Type: Fun Tools

Chai Bot

Have conversations with AI chatbots.

chai bot ai

Software Type: Fun Tools

Free + From $0.99

Chai Bot is an entertaining chat AI platform available as a mobile app on Android and iOS. Whether you’re looking for comfort, want to geek out on technology, or just want to have some fun, there are different AI characters you can chat with.

Their models are trained on a proprietary dataset of billions of chat messages, and the company claims to have spent multiple million dollars on language training models. But be

Does Chai allow NSFW? Yes, the bots can say NSFW and offensive things. They do not enforce any such restrictions on conversations, but there’s an NSFW toggle that you can use to filter them out.

Are the Chai AI bots real? No. The bots are trained on a huge set of over 4 billion user-bot messages and can give you the feeling of talking to a human. So the rumors of the bots being real, but they aren’t.

Is Chai AI free? You get a certain number of chat messages for free at a time (which tends to change with app updates but used to be 70 messages at the time of writing). After that, you’ve to pay $0.99 for a daily upgrade or choose one of their other paid plans.

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