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Software Type: Essay Writers

Charley AI

Generate essays at the click of a button on any subject.

charley ai software interface

Software Type: Essay Writers


Charley AI is an AI essay writer that — within seconds — can generate up to 15k words of essays on any topic. You can personalize your writing style by using the following options: writing tone, essay type, word count, and desired grade.

The company relies on GPT-3, along with custom data, to generate content for you. Its Essay Generator also has a reference generator.

Charley may have sentences that are also on the web, so you may need to use a plagiarism checker alongside for making corrections. Also, you should fact check and verify the text generated by the tool to ensure their accuracy.

Is Charley AI available for free? At the time of writing, Charle did offer a free trial. But the demand for the essay generator is so high, the company had a “waitlist” and is letting only 2k people a week try the app.

Charley Pricing: Its “Mini Plan” costs $13.99 per month and comes with 12k words. Its “Student Plan” comes at $18.99 per month and comes with 35k words and 24/7 live chat support. The “Ultimate Plan” — best suited for professionals — is priced at $29.99 per month, and comes with 100k words.

The pricing above doesn’t include local taxes. And you can save 15% of all the plans by paying for the whole year upfront.

Note: The pricing for the software had a discrepancy on the homepage vs. the pricing page. You’ll need to contact the company for finding the actual cost at [email protected].

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