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Software Type: Data Charts


Text to data chart data visualization tool based on open AI technology.

chartgpt homepage

Software Type: Data Charts


chartGPT is an AI tool that can generate various data charts for you based on simple natural language prompts. It can convert your question or any text input into a chart. You don’t need data analytics or design skills to use the tool, so it makes the process of creating charts accessible and enjoyable.

There are over ten types of charts to choose from, including bar, area, line, pie, scatter, and more. You can also customize your chart, picking from a few colors. ChartGPt also has a dark mode. The underlying technology the tool relies on are React, Next.js, OpenAI, and Tailwind CSS.

Is ChartGPT free? Yep, you get three free credits to test data visualizations.

CharGPT Pricing: You can get 20 credits for $5 — all the way up to 750 credits for a price of $80. You can download .PNG versions of the charts you create.

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