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Software Type: Document Q&A


You can ask questions to your documents and get answers.

ChatDOC: Ask questions to your documents

Software Type: Document Q&A

Free + From $5.99

ChatDOC is an AI assistant to read and comprehend PDF documents. It can read through texts, tables, and images, and lets you later ask questions on the content present in your uploaded files.

You can ask it to follow a word limit, analyze your selected text and tables, and ask follow up questions in a thread to explore a topic deeper. It also has a ‘Multiple files’ feature which lets you explore and ask questions across more than one file.

You can also select specific data, and have the tool extract, locate, and summarize information from a PDF.

Is ChatDOC free? Yes, ChatDOC is free to use with limited access to 2 files per day and 20 pages per file. The support is also limited to the PDF file type only.

ChatDOC pricing: ChatDOC Pro starts at $5.99 per month, featuring 300 files/month, 500 pages/file, and 300 questions/day with support for more file types like doc, epub, and txt.

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