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Software Type: Character Chatbots


Interact with iconic characters from books, TV, history, and more.

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Software Type: Character Chatbots


ChatFAI is an AI chatbot that lets you interact with your favorite characters from books, films, literature, history, and more. Whether a historical figure, a fictional character, or even a custom character — the tool can let you have conversations with them.

You can use chat with fictional characters you love to just have some fun, ask questions and get insights from folks that inspire you, or even share your feelings with a character that feels safe to you. As per the company, your conversations with the chatbot are 100% private and stored securely.

ChatFAI is also available as a Discord bot so that you can add it to your Discord server.

Is ChatFAI free? It’s freemium software, so you can create an account — with some limitations — for free and access up to 100 messages per month. Also, you can have four simultaneous chats.

ChatFAI Pricing: A “Basic” paid account is priced at $9 per month, increasing your number of messages to 1500 — and simultaneous chats to 10. There’s a “Premium” plan at $29 per month and a “Deluxe” account at $59 per month with higher limits for messages and more features.

You can pay for the whole year upfront and save the subscription cost of two months.

You can also buy one-time “Message Credits” that never expire, and their API also uses these. 1000 messages cost $7.

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