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Software Type: Outlook Tools

ChatGPT Outlook Add-in

Access chatGPT capabilities in the Outlook interface.

ChatGPT for outlook

Software Type: Outlook Tools


ChatGPT Outlook Add-in is a tool that lets you integrate ChatGPT into your Outlook account. You can then use chatGPT capabilities to summarize or highlight important emails within the Outlook interface.

It works with your Microsoft 365 Account, and you need to get your own chatGPT API key to use the tool. You can also install custom prompts to guide ChatGPT to complete your everyday email tasks.

Its ‘Separate windows’ feature allows easy comparison and identification of important information. You can either display the output in a separate window or replace the original email body. Additionally, the email’s importance can be automatically updated based on the generated output.

You can also identify and prioritize emails based on your chosen email configurations with unique conditions, prompts, and display preferences.

Is ChatGPT Outlook Add-in free? Yes, it is completely free to use.

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