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Software Type: Document Q&A


Interact with any PDF file using a conversational chatbot.

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Software Type: Document Q&A


ChatPDF is a ChatGPT based chatbot that lets you input Ebooks as prompts and then summarize the text or answer any of your questions related to them. It’s like ChatGPT for PDFs, and useful for students, researchers, and professionals alike. The tool accepts PDFs worldwide in any language and can chat in any language.

To use ChatPDF, you simply need to upload your PDF file (or enter the URL where it’s accessible online) to get a quick summary of its content, along with some example questions — in a chat window. You can then start asking questions and get answers with clickable citations that refer to the original source in your original PDF file.

Whether a software manual, a legal contract, a research article, a financial report, or a scientific paper, the tool can simplify and deduce insights for you quickly with references from your shared PDF.

To save your chat history, you need to create an account and log in to the software’s website.

How to make money with ChatPDF? Influencers can make money with ChatPDF by sharing videos, pictures, or text posts about ChatPDF that link to their website and using #ChatPDF. If you do a list post on multiple tools, ChatPDF has to be the first on your list.

The pay, though, is just $1 for every 1,000 views (with a minimum payout of $20 via Paypal). You can reach out to [email protected] within two weeks of posting to get paid.

Is ChatPDF completely free? ChatPDF is a freemium software. Its free version limits you to upload PDF files only up to 120 pages and 10 MB of size per file. Also, you can only upload up to three PDFs and ask up to 50 questions in a day.

What is the page limit for ChatPDF? The free version limits you to 120 pages per PDF file.

ChatPDF Pricing: You can upgrade to ChatPDF Plus at $5 per month, and get increased limits on your PDF files. You can upload files up to 2,000 pages and 32 MB in size. Also in a single day, it lets you interact with up to 50 PDFs and lets you ask up to 1000 questions.

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