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Software Type: Writing Assistants

Conch AI

AI writing assistant to rewrite, handle citations, and more.

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Software Type: Writing Assistants


Conch is a personal writing assistant that can help you generate essays, rewrite sentences and paragraphs, and summarize text. It can augment your ability to read and write and help you break through writer’s block with its 12+ templates.

One of its prominent features is “Autocomplete with AI,” which can fill in the next sentence in your writing — as soon as you get stuck. It can rewrite any text for you to make your text shorter or change its tone to more formal, academic, and more. You can also generate outlines, essay/blog introductions or conclusions, and more.

It also has a free Chrome extension, supporting Google Documents, LinkedIn, Gmail, PDF, news websites, and more. You can use it around the web to summarize your text (TL;DR), or ask questions on any article and have it find answers for you. You can also reply to emails with its “Response Generator.”

The company claims its technology creates text that will pass plagiarism tests as 99.99% original content. They also have a proprietary algorithm, ConchEnhance™, to detect AI, give you a holistic score, and get suggestions on improving it. Its AI Enhancer can also rewrite text until it bypasses such detection.

The Conch team has tested the tool on these languages: German, Japanese, Spanish, and Russian.

Is Conch AI free? Yep, Conch is a freemium AI software. Its free version offers you 1,000 tokens that you can use on its suite of tools, though some of its premium features are locked. One token is equivalent to one word for either checking, rewriting, or generating content.

Conch AI Pricing: The “Conch Pro” plan comes at $9.99 per month for 10,000 words a month. It comes with a citation generator and gets rid of queues/ads for you. At the time of writing, it allows your credits to stack. So your extra credits at the end of the month are rolled over to the next one.

The”Conch Limitless” plan comes at $19.99 per month with unlimited tokens and early access to new features. You can save 50% on both of these plans by paying for the whole year upfront.

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