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Software Type: App Builders


Web app builder.

Debuild: AI no-code app builder

Software Type: App Builders


Debuild is a low-code platform to help you build web applications. It can generate React components and SQL code and help with the assembly of visual interfaces.

To get started with using the tool:

  • Describe your app in a sentence or two (whether you want to create a search engine, personal CRM, billing software, etc.),
  • Choose the use cases, and
  • You’ll have your software ready (even if you want to take it live!)

Debuild devs have a mission to develop an autonomous system that is able to build software at the level of the world’s most skilled engineers. They believe by giving every person the ability to build the software they need, to help humanity progress exponentially.

Is Debuild free? Yes, (at the time of writing) Debuild is free to use. But you can only sign up for a waitlist.

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