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Software Type: Face Swapping


Swap faces in photos, video, and GIFs.

deepswap.ai homepage

Software Type: Face Swapping


Deepswap is an AI app that uses deepfake technology to enable you to swap faces or objects in your online media. It can generate an output in three formats: photos, videos, and GIFs.

Its artificial intelligence models can reshape up to six faces in the same clip in a short processing time — all while trying to preserve realistic details and expressions.

You can use it to create memes, spoof your friends, movie role refacing, etc. But ensure you don’t use it for spreading fake information, as it may invite legal issues.

Is Deepswap AI free? Yes, there’s a free version of Deepswap that lets you generate two face swaps but at a lower processing speed. It also comes with watermarks.

Deepswap AI Pricing: Pricing starts at $19.99 per month for 200 photos/5-minute video face swap, but first-time subscribers get a 50% discount. Beware that their cancellation process is tenuous.

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