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Software Type: Image Generators


Generate an image using text prompts.

text to image dezgo homepage

Software Type: Image Generators


Dezgo is an AI text-to-image generator based on Stable Diffusion. It can generate high-quality images based on the simple text prompts you provide. By using simple syntax such as appending as many “+” or “-” to a word, you can increase or decrease the importance of parts of your prompt.

You can choose from various AI models, classified into simple, general, anime, and realistic. There also are adjust additional parameters you can customize from the “More Options” panel. It includes:

  • a range for the image resolution spread across Portrait, Square, and Landspace,
  • an option to add a “Negative Prompt” to describe what you DON’T want in your image,
  • picking a “Guidance” from 1 to 20 to adjust how much the AI should try to fit your prompt,
  • selecting a sampling method (from various options such as DDIM, DPM++ 2M Karras, etc.),
  • specify a unique image seed number

A paid upgrade allows you to access even more customization options.

All the images you generate are unique and free to use as you please — even for commercial purposes. As the software is built on Stable Difussion, all images are based on the CreativeML Open RAIL-M license.

Besides generating images from text prompts, Dezgo also has some tools to edit an existing image to fit your given description, replace a part of an image, upscale an image by a factor or two, etc. It also has a text-to-video AI tool in beta at the time of writing.

Is Dezgo free? Yep, you can use the AI software even without registering. But there are limits on the rate, resolution, and quality to avoid overloading their servers.

Dezgo Pricing: If you want to access the “Power Mode” of Dezgo, you’ll need a paid upgrade. The exact pricing depends on the parameters you use (for setting up the image size or number of sampling steps). Using default parameters, the price is 0.0019 USD per request, and just $10 can generate 5,263 images for you.

Dezgo “Power Mode” comes without restrictions on the rate limits, image size, etc. It also has a “History” feature that can save you recent requests for up to 30 days, and redownload your results at any time.

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