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Software Type: Story Generators

DreamPress AI

Create personalized fiction stories.

DreamPress AI

Software Type: Story Generators

Free + From $14.39

DreamPress is an AI story writer that can generate personalized fiction stories based on your input in various genres, including romance, fantasy, mystery, science fiction, and the like. You can also share your stories on the DreamPress platform.

You can also read or play around with the stories or other people. If you want to generate custom illustrations for your stories, DreamPress also has an image generator.

Is DreamPress AI free? Yes, there’s a free plan with up to 8 free tokens per day (one run on DreamPress uses one token). You can get free tokens each day at 6 am (GMT).

If you post them on any platform, you’ll have to put a label, “Created on DreamPress.AI.” Also, if you plan to sell them, you’ll have to contact the DreamPress team.

How much does DreamPress AI cost? The unlimited plan is available for $14.39 per month. It gets rid of waiting times, lets you generate 1,000 images per month, and even lets you export your stories.

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