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Software Type: Text to Speech

ElevenLabs AI

ElevenLabs is a generative AI text to speech and voice cloning tool.

Software Type: Text to Speech


ElevenLabs is an AI speech software company, offering a range of audio tools. Its speech synthesis platform offers realistic Text to Speech and voice cloning software. You just need to choose your preferred voice (from pre-made, cloned, or custom voices), settings, and model, then enter your text to convert into “lifelike” speech, and generate spoken audio instantly.

It also comes with VoiceLab, where you can create AI voice characters from scratch or clone your voice profile by uploading your one-minute clear audio. Currently, the languages it supports include English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Italian, German, Polish, and Portuguese.

The company also integrates a “Projects” workstation for directing and editing your audio, enabling you to bring your audio experience vision to life. You can use the ElevenLabs suite of tools to create audiobooks, chatbots, and design other kinds of audio experiences.

Is ElevenLabs AI free? Yes, for up to 10k characters per month and three custom voices, you can try their prime speech synthesis for free. You can use it even for commercial purposes, but you’ll need to give attribution to Elevenlabs.io.

ElevenLabs Pricing: Its “Starter” plan comes for as low as $5 per month and comes with 30k characters and up to ten custom voices. You also get access to instant voice cloning and can create random voices using voice design.

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