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Software Type: Fun Tools

Excuses AI

AI tool to generate professional excuses.

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Software Type: Fun Tools


The Excuse Generator is an AI tool that can generate an excuse for you when you mess up. You just need to specify:

  • whom your message is for: whether your coworker, manager, or professor,
  • where you specifically messed up,
  • and use a slider to choose the Professionalism range for your message, ranging between “Risky to Safe.”

Once done, you can click on the “Make an excuse” button to get an excuse. The tool returns your excuse message in the wireframe of an iMessage that can you take a screenshot of. Or you can also click on the “Share Excuse Text” button and get a textual copy of the excuse.

Excuses AI is built by Rox and Jenni.ai, and it’s free to use.

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