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Software Type: Face Swapping

Face Swapper

Free face swapping tool.

Free Face swapper AI

Software Type: Face Swapping


Face Swapper AI is a tool for swapping faces across your uploaded photos. It’s free and doesn’t have limitations like watermarks or restrictions on usage (at the time of writing).

Here’s a quick guide on how to use the tool:

  • Visit their website, and upload the desired photo you want to change the face from,
  • Now, you’ll need to upload a source for the face. This will need to be another photo having the face you want your original photo to have. Alternatively, the tool also provides you with free faces to choose from,
  • Then you need to select the gender of the person in the photos uploaded (for better results),
  • Once you click on ‘Swap’, you will be presented with the swapped face image result.

You can download the generated image for free.

Is Face Swapper AI Free? Yes, It is free (at the time of writing).

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