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Software Type: Text to Speech


Generate AI voiceovers from input text.

FakeYou homepage

Software Type: Text to Speech


FakeYou is a deep fake AI tech to generate realistic voices of your favorite characters and celebrities from text input. Its library boasts thousands of high-quality voices and makes text-to-speech audio generation simple through its easy-to-use, browser based interface.

It has a range of voices, sorted into categories, such as Anime, Announcers, Cartoons, Comics and Superheroes, Commercial Voices, Internet Famous, Games, Meme Voices, Movies, Musicians, Robot, Television, and more. They are in multiple languages, which among others, include English, Spanish, German, and French.

FakeYou also has a “Voice to Voice” conversion tool to change your voice into a character. To convert your audio, you just need to upload your audio input (or record one on the browser), then pick a pitch and speed for your speech.

Its “Video Lip Sync Templates” tool lets you pick a template from its range of short clips of celebrities, pop culture icons, and the like — and make them lip sync to the audio you upload. Or you can upload an audio from FakeYou. You get a lipsynced video.

FakeYou Pricing: FakeYou Premium plans come with unlimited “Text to Speech” generation and higher limits on its other AI tools. Here are its three tiers:

  • Plus at $7/month,
  • Pro at $15/month,
  • Elite at $25/month

In its higher paid plans, you can upload and share your private models for voices as well.

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