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Software Type: Font Pairing


Interactive font pairing using deep learning.

fontjoy homepage

Software Type: Font Pairing


Fontjoy is a machine learning tool that can generate up to three fonts — for your heading, subheading, and main body content — in a single click. Its key pairing principle is finding fonts that share some similarities but contrast in some specific way.

By default, you’ll see Montserrat, Lora, and one other font when you log in to the tool’s website. You can change individual fonts and use its slider to customize the contrast from a “high contrast” to “very similar.”

Its default setting and principle is finding fonts that have a balanced and pleasing contrast. For instance, fonts that are similar in obliqueness and serifs, but different weights.

You can click on the lock icon next to the font you like to keep it constant while other fonts change. Then click on the “Generate” button to let Fontjoy generate new fonts based on your chosen settings. The tool offers both light and dark modes and also has a font visualizer.

While designers rely a lot on intuition to find fonts that work, Fontjoy relies on a neural net. Its algorithm is all about striking a balance between harmony and contrast. Playing around with Fontjoy can get your creative juices flowing and serve as a good starting point for finding the perfect typography balance.

Or, if you’ve already found the right pair of fonts for your project, simply note them down. Fontjoy typically will link the font names to font databases, such as Google Fonts, so that you can download these fonts for implementation.

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