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Software Type: Video Generators

Genmo AI

Create custom videos and images with simple text commands.

genmo ai homepage

Software Type: Video Generators

Free + From $10

Genmo is a creative copilot that can create images, 3D models, and videos with text prompts. You can also upload existing images, change the style, apply filters, animate a part of the image, or even turn it into 3D.

The company calls the product the first step to a “Creative General Intelligence,” where a human and a generative model work together. There’s also a Genmo AI Chat that allows interaction with the AI generator to edit and iterate your creations.

The tool can generate a trailer from a script, generate and edit a movie, and more. In the process, you can even iteratively critique the ideas Genmo generates before its AI goes out to automatically select transitions and text overlays to match your plotlines.

Creators only receive commercial use permission with the Turbo Mode plan, and there’s also a note that this license only extends to most outputs. This may require contacting them directly to clarify copyright or trademark conflicts. 

Is Genmo AI Free? Yes, but you receive 100 fuel credits for free when you open an account (an average of four credits per action). And all of your creations are watermarked.

Genmo AI Pricing: The Turbo Mode plan is $10 per month and offers 1000 fuel credits, priority access to new models, watermark-free creations, and more.

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