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Software Type: Image Generators

Getimg AI

Image creation and editing software.

Getimg AI: Text to image tool

Software Type: Image Generators

Free + From $12

Getimg AI is a suite of AI tools to create and modify images. Users can generate images, use its AI editor for outpainting and inpainting, and craft customized AI art. It also has a Dreambooth feature to create your custom AI models by uploading images.

Here are some of the tools Getimg offers (there are video guides on their website explaining how to use each of these):

  • Text to Image: To generate images only using text
  • ControlNet: Guide image generation with a control image
  • Inpainting: To repaint masked areas of images
  • AI canvas: For image upscaling
  • Face restoration: To restore distorted faces in photos
  • BG removal: To remove the background in an image
  • BG replacement: To generate a suitable background for your product

You can use this tool to make social media posts, logos, AI art, blogs, anime models, product shots, interior design, stock photos, restyling, realistic photos, and many more.

Getimg AI charges you for only what you use, relying on a ‘Credit’ system. One credit is charged for one image generation. You can also use your credits to enhance, upscale, and create custom models.

Is Getimg AI for free? Yes, Getimg AI features a free plan with limited access to the software.

Getimg AI Pricing: Getimg AI pricing starts with their ‘Basic’ plan at $12 per month with additional features on top of the free version, Hi-Res faster generation, and two active DreamBooth models.

The company also offers an option of top-up credits. You can buy 2400 credits for $9. Unlike the credits you get in a monthly plan, the topped-up credits do not expire.

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