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Software Type: Writing Assistants

HubSpot AI Content Writer

AI copywriter to generate content at the click of a button.

HubSpot AI content writer landing page

Software Type: Writing Assistants


HubSpot AI Content Writer is a free tool to generate copy for your website, marketing campaigns, and more at scale. It’s a part of HubSpot’s content assistant tools based on the generative AI technology by OpenAI.

It can generate blogs, website copy, social media posts, landing page copy, and more. You just need to give it a prompt or a topic — and if you want to customize the length, tone, and reading level as per your brand’s guidelines — to get started.

The tool integrates with HubSpot’s suite of marketing and sales tools, enabling you to scale your content output.

Is HubSpot AI Content Writer really free? The AI content writing software is free to get started. But if you want to access advanced content management capabilities, you need to purchase the paid edition of the CMS Hub.

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