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Software Type: Video Generators

Kaiber AI

Generate videos from your image or text prompts.

AI video generation tool

Software Type: Video Generators

From $5

Kaiber AI is a video generation tool that produces videos from images, audio, or text. This tool is ideal for musicians seeking videos to match their songs to put on platforms such as Spotify. Digital artists and animators may also find it useful.

Here are some of its features:

  • With ‘Audiocreativity’, you can generate videos for your songs on the beats and lyrics of your uploaded song, and choose its genre or type,
  • With ‘Transform’, you can transform your video completely (including its style and aesthetics),
  • You can add a ‘Flipbook’ styled animation, which plays your video frame by frame, giving it the aesthetics of a flipbook,
  • With ‘Motion’, you can make your video smooth and consistent with framerates.

The tool also has a gallery where you can check the artworks by others (along with their text prompts, which you can save for free).

Is Kaiber AI free? Kaiber is a freemium tool. You get a free 7-day trial period on their Explorer plan.

Kaiber AI pricing: The Explorer plan starts at $5 per month, billed for 300 credits and limited access to all the features, while their Pro and Artist Plans get you more features, including upscaling of videos up to 1080p & 4K.

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