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Software Type: Search Engines

Komo AI

Conversational search engine to chat and explore any topic.

Komo AI homepage

Software Type: Search Engines


Komo is a generative artificial intelligence based, ad-free search engine. It’s private and fast at generating responses.

Once you plug a topic in its search bar, you’ve three options:

Ask: This will return a chatbot-style interface, answering your query with a detailed and well-formatted answer. The best part is you get clickable citations in superscripts alongside the text. So you can visit the specific URLs online where the chatbot got its info from.

Explore: It returns a bunch of multimedia results on your query from YouTube, Quora, Twitter, Medium, and other platforms (with thumbnails). This is supposedly the discussion the Komo community is having on the topic you plugged in.

Search: If you’re a list of links to resources on your plugged query, good old search engine style, this is the choice to go ahead with.

You can share the search engine results page with anyone on social media platforms or get a shareable URL for the page. There’s a bin icon on the right side bottom of the page to delete your query.

Overall, if you can ask specific questions, Komo AI is a superb search engine to explore a topic and discover unique resources on the web.

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