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LinkedIn Carousel Generator

Turn tweets, Reddit posts, and images into engaging LinkedIn carousels

Homepage of LinkedIn Carousel Generator

LinkedIn Carousel Generator is a free social media tool by Taplio that helps you easily create LinkedIn carousels. It allows you to repurpose tweets, Reddit posts, and images into them — saving you time and effort.

They also have an AI-powered generator that can generate slide ideas for you when you simply share what you want to talk about. You can edit the content it generates, add your profile picture, name, and handle, and brand it with a background and color that makes to you.

Once you’re ready, you can preview the final carousel and download it in PDF format.

Is LinkedIn Carousel Generator free? Yes, but there’s a Tapio watermark on your carousels. You’ll have to buy Taplio to remove it.

What are LinkedIn carousel posts? They are a LinkedIn content format where you can upload a set of slides similar to a PowerPoint presentation, and users can navigate through them. While there are two sizes, Taplio generates carousels at 1080 x 1350 pixels by default.

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