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Software Type: Logo Design


An AI-based personal designer to craft a beautiful brand brand for you.

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Software Type: Logo Design

From $20

Looka is an AI software to create logos for your brand within minutes — without any design skills. You can tweak your designs, and once you find the right logo that matches your brand’s vision, you can go on to create your brand identity.

The tool has 300+ templates to generate your “Brand Kit” from your logo, colors, and fonts. It can create a comprehensive marketing toolkit, including assets such as social profiles, social posts, business cards, social covers, brand guidelines, flyers, posters, advertisements, invoices, presentations, brochures, and much more.

How do I generate a logo with Looka? Using Looka to get logos for your brand is simple. You input your business name, your industry, and pick a few logos you like from a list that the tool returns. Next, choose colors you want to associate with your brand, input a slogan (if you like), some symbols you want in your logo, and let the tool generate logos for you.

Can you use Looka for free? Yep, it’s free to generate, edit, and save logos — that too, as many as you want. But to download and absorb the copyrights of logos, you need to purchase those assets.

Looka Pricing: Its “Brand Kit” subscription costs $96 per year (which includes unlimited changes to your logo and over 300+ ready to use branded assets). If you also want an AI-generated website alongside the kit, their “Brand Kit Web Subscription” is priced is $192 per year.

But you can also use its “Basic Logo Package” to get one PNG logo file for $20 (which is essentially only useable as a proof of concept). Its “Premium Logo Package” comes at a one-time fee of $65 with multiple high-res logo file types, unlimited post purchase changes, and full ownership of the logos.

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