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Software Type: Assistants


Access ChatGPT directly from your Mac.

MacGPT: access and interact with ChatGPT on your mac

Software Type: Assistants


MacGPT is a native tool for Mac that lets you access ChatGPT on your Mac menubar.

With the Global feature, you can access ChatGPT anywhere on your Mac. The Inline feature allows users to integrate ChatGPT into text fields by typing a trigger phrase and prompt. Also, The Menubar feature grants quick access to ChatGPT through the Mac menu bar.

It also has a conversation mode that needs OpenAI credentials to begin. But it lets you talk back and forth through your microphone instead of typing.

Is MacGPT free? Yes, MacGPT is free to use (at the time of writing). But the developer does accept contributions.

Does MacGPT support iPhones? MacGPT is only available for the Apple Macintosh platform (MAC).

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