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Software Type: Text to Song


Generate music and sound procedurally using AI.

melobytes website

Software Type: Text to Song

Free + From $12.9

Melobytes is an online AI platform that offers a suite of tools to generate sounds, music, and video. You can use it to explore your creativity at the intersection of art, music, and more. For instance, you can use it to create a documentary video with background music, convert ancient Greek dramas to video, and more.

To create a song, you just need to input language, scale, tonality, the gender of the singer, the time signature, and also share your lyrics in its text field. There are specific options for choosing instruments, vocals, audio, and other composition parameters as well.

Some of its other tools include creating algorithmic music, generating chord progressions, and numerous others for music composition. You can also create cartoons, convert AI images to songs, generate AI short movies, analyze your lyrics, and lots more.

The company confesses that its output may not be a fit for professional use, so it’s really just a tool to “play” around. But you get five free executions in a set of apps every day.

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