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Software Type: Learning Tools


Summarize texts, meetings, webinars, and videos.

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Software Type: Learning Tools

From $6.99

Mindgrasp is an AI learning assistant that can turn your PDF files, Zoom Meetings, webinars, lecture slides or presentations, YouTube videos, and the like into detailed or concise notes. Besides summarization, you can use the tool to ask questions about any file you upload, request suggestions/critiques on it, and more.

The AI Note Taker can streamline your process of research and learning for students, researchers, or even professionals. Compared with chatGPT, Mindgrasp offers the option to upload files of different kinds — PDFs, articles, videos — and distill complex information into easily digestible bullet points.

Is Mindgrasp free? No. At the time of writing, Mindgrasp offers a free four-day trial, but you must save your credit card or PayPal information.

Mindgrasp Pricing: The Basic plan starts at $6.99 monthly, but doesn’t allow YouTube video upload, video or audio upload, or the ability to upload multiple files at once.

The upgraded plans that incorporate these features are “Scholar” at $9.99 per month, and “Premium” at $14.44 per month. You can pay for the whole year upfront and get a discount.

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