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Software Type: Website Builders

Mixo AI

AI-powered site builder to quickly validate your business idea.

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Software Type: Website Builders


Mixo is an AI-powered builder that lets you quickly validate your business ideas. It can generate a responsive website for you within seconds — once you submit a short description of your startup idea. Its AI comes up with copy and images that can serve as nice starting points for your website.

Its site editor doesn’t require any coding to customize your website. You can also connect your own domain, customize your URL, and the company bundles website hosting along with the website on Mixo’s Global Content Network (CDN).

You also get unlimited subscribers to capture leads and unlimited storage for site content. There are options to integrate Google Analytics and inject custom scripts into your website as well.

Is Mixo AI free? You can take a free demo of its AI builder by inputting your idea and get a live website generated for it. But you’ll need a paid account to customize your website and actually use it.

Mixo Pricing: Their “Basic Site” (a single-page website) comes at $9 per month. The Growth Site plan comes at $19 per month and lets you add up to 5 pages. The Premium Site comes at $39 per month with up to 50 pages and faster AI generation. You can save 20% on all the above plans by paying for the whole year upfront.

The company also has a 30-day money back policy.

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