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Software Type: Story Generators

Novel AI

Create a novel using AI.

Novel AI: storyteller

Software Type: Story Generators

Free + From $10

Novel AI is an AI storytelling tool that relies on literature training to adapt to your style and perspective. It has a theme editor that lets you edit colors, fonts, and color schemes. And you can tweak the output you get. The tool has up to 8192 tokens of memory, so it keeps context of your story signficantly.

The tool also lets you customize and import stories, keep track of the “world rules” you want to create for your novel (using Lorebook), and ensure your privacy with encrypted stories.

You can also generate visual characters or images for certain moments of your novel using its image models. Or generate TTS voices for your stories.

Novel AI pricing: The ‘Tablet’ plan starts at $10 per month, and includes 1000 Anlas currency for the tool, advanced AI TTS for human-like voiceovers, and image generation. Also, you get 3072 Tokens of Memory.

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