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Software Type: Image Recreation


Tool to produce professional-looking photos of your product.

Pebblely: Image recreation tool.

Software Type: Image Recreation

Free + From $19

Pebblely is an image generator that enables users to create professional product photos. It creates realistic scenes that you can post on social media platforms like Instagram.

Once you upload your product image, Pebblely automatically removes the background from your image. Once you describe how would you like to see your product, it will add lighting effects, backgrounds, reflections, and shadows as per your preferences.

It also offers a ‘Surprise me’ feature where the tool automatically selects all of the settings based on your product and presents you with options to choose from. You can resize the same image to fit multiple marketing assets.

You can use the photos for Instagram stories, Facebook posts, email banners, hero images, ad photos, and more. This tool is ideal for small businesses seeking growth as it allows them to save up on professional photoshoots while getting similar results. Professional designers and creative agencies may also find this tool handy.

Is Pebblely AI free? You can use Pebblely for free for only up to 40 photos every month.

Pebblely Pricing: At $19 per month, you can generate up to 1k images every month in custom sizes up to 2048X2048. Also, you can save 21% by paying for the whole year upfront.

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