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Software Type: Avatar Generators


Generate hundreds of profile pictures by uploading your photo.

pfpmaker homepage

Software Type: Avatar Generators


Pfpmaker is an AI profile picture maker that can generate dozens of professional or creative pictures of you once you upload your photo. You can use them on social media, messenger, email, dating apps, etc.

PFP is an acronym for “profile picture”, which is associated generally with your online avatar. The tool, Pfpmaker, can generate pictures in myriad scenes and styles using its custom stable diffusion based tech.

But for realistic and useable pictures, you need to upload multiple pictures from different angles and settings consisting of different facial expressions. The tool may take 60 minutes (or a bit more) to generate your images, so you’ll need to stay patient.

You can create social media profile pictures, messenger display pictures, creative profile pictures, and generate business headshots with the tool. The company has a suite of related AI photography products for removing backgrounds, generating AI avatars, AI headshots, and more.

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