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Software Type: Code Assistants

Phind AI

AI search engine for developers.

Phind: AI search engine for developers

Software Type: Code Assistants

Free + From $15

Phind AI is a search engine for developers that uses web results and AI to provide answers, code examples, and guides. It understands the context of your conversation and allows you to ask follow-up questions. You can also hover over answers to see their sources.

While it does have an AI search, the tool is built-in and designed for coding. It has a “Pair Programmer” feature that asks clarification questions and works better for debugging purposes.

It also provides an “Explore” feature, which uses AI to provide you with related topics and suggestions. There’s also a “Surprise Me” feature that randomly selects topics for you to explore.

Phind AI Pricing: Phind Puls is its most basic premium plan at $15 per month, featuring 30 model uses (GPT-4) per day, and a private discord server. While the “Phind Pro” plan gets you extra features, such as early access to new features starting at $30 per month.

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