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Software Type: Image Generators

PicFinder AI

Text to image generator within seconds.

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Software Type: Image Generators

Free + From $9.99

PicFinder AI is an image generator that uses text-based prompts to generate images. You can generate over 100 images by inputting five words or more. It also allows you to customize the image sizes to suit your design needs — whether for a Pinterest, Instagram, or LinkedIn post. 

However, crafting the right prompt is key to generating amazing images. So when using PicFinder AI, include specific details in your text, and pay attention to the order of words.

You can use the free plan if you’re just looking to explore and generate images to fuel your creativity. However, if you want to monetize the images you create, you’ll have to upgrade to a Basic+ plan. 

You can choose from over eight image aspect ratios and choose your models to get different kinds of image outputs.

How many plans does PicFinder AI have? At the time of writing, PicFinder AI has three plans, including a starter plan for first-time users. This allows you to generate images for free until you reach a certain number, which varies according to country.

The other three plans include:

  • A Free plan.
  • A Basic plan for personal use or beginner creators.
  • A Basic+ plan that allows full commercial use.
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