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Software Type: Resume Builders


Build your resume and write cover letters for job applications.

Build your resume

Software Type: Resume Builders


Resume.io is a tool to build resumes for your job applications and get you past the initial screening stage. Their templates rely on ‘resume rules’ employers look for to help you craft a professional resume quickly, and bypass resume-filtering algorithms.

Specifically, there are four types of pre-made templates: simple, creative, professional, and modern. You can choose one, and edit your resume with its drag-and-drop sections and AI-written phrases.

The tool has an automatic spell checker, an automatic summary generator, and a cover letter writer with 27 design templates. You can download the built material after customizing it in PDF or DOC format.

Is Resume AI free? Yes, there’s a free plan that allows for one cover letter and one resume with downloads only in the TXT format.

Resume AI Pricing: The software offers a free 7-day trial at €2.95. And a 6-month premium costs €44.95. They come with unlimited resumes, unlimited PDF downloads, premium templates and colors, and more.

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