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Software Type: Interior Design


Get redesigned versions of your room in seconds.

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Software Type: Interior Design


RoomGPT is an AI design tool that can help you redesign your rooms or house. You just need to sign up for an account, upload a picture of your room, choose your room type and up to four room themes from its list of over eight to render designs.

And voila — you get your remodeled AI-generated room side-by-side with your original room. It’s possible to save your rooms

Interior designers can use the tool to create initial mockups for their design projects. Or you can use it to get decor ideas and do a DIY home makeover.

RoomGPT is powered by Replicate, Upload, and Vercel. It’s open-source and lets you generate three designs for free.

How much does RoomGPT cost? After three free generations, the software costs $9 for 30 credits (which gives 30 room redesigns). For $19, you can buy 100 credits, and at $29, you get 200 credits.

The paid plans allow commercial usage of photos, email support, early access to new features such as premium room types and styles, and more.

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