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Software Type: Academic Research


Summarize your research articles, reports, documents in flashcards.

scholarcy homepage

Software Type: Academic Research


Scholarcy is an online summarizing tool that can create flashcards from your PDF files, word documents, and web articles. You can configure the tool to extract figures, tables, images, or even references from a paper. And even build a personal summarized research library.

You can quickly digest complex information from research papers. Or assess the importance of any document to your work by quickly glancing at the study participants, data analyses, main findings, and limitations, and save time. PhD students can even manage to skim a research paper in under 60 seconds.

The tool also lets you customize the summarization process, letting you choose the number of words, level of highlighting, and the language variation you like.

Is Scholarcy free? Yes, it offers free Chrome and Edge browser extension to create summary cards from small to medium-sized documents, or even generate a Scholarcy summary from any paper open on your browser.

Scholarcy Pricing: Its “Personal Library” paid plan is priced at $9.99 per user per month. It lets you build collections of summary flashcards. Academic institutions can get access to the Scholarcy Library for all of their staff and students on the Academic Institution License at $8,000 per month. Multi-year subscriptions get a discount.

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