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Software Type: Drawing to Image

Scribble Diffusion

Turn your doodles into refined images with AI.

Scribble Diffusion software

Software Type: Drawing to Image


Scribble Diffusion is a free, open-source AI software that can turn your rough sketch into a refined image. It has a simple user interface, where you’re provided with a starting image that you can clear. Then scribble and add a text prompt to generate an image.

If you don’t like the first image output, you can click on the “Go” button again, to let its generative model create another image. Or you can also refine the strokes in your sketch by clicking the “Undo” button, or enhance your text prompt.

You also get a public shareable link for your final scribble that you can share with others. Overall the tool is handy for quickly converting your sketches into digital graphics.

The tool is powered by Replicate, a platform for running learning machine learning algorithms in the cloud. As it’s open-source, you can run the app locally and build your own app on top of it.

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