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Software Type: Music Generators


AI-powered music generator for creators and artists.


Software Type: Music Generators

From $19

SOUNDRAW is an AI music generator to create beats based on your chosen genre, mood, instruments, and length. You can generate music matching the mood and style of your project, and customize your songs in a few clicks.

Creators can use the background music in their content, including YouTube videos, Tiktok, and the like, without worrying about copyright strikes, as its output is royalty-free. Artists can add vocals to the beats, create their own songs, and keep the royalties they generate.

Is SOUNDRAW free? No, but it offers a free trial.

Is SOUNDRAW actually AI? SOUNDRAW is a music generator that uses artificial intelligence to create original music. The software uses a machine learning algorithm to analyze vast amounts of music data and generate completely new and original tracks.

However, it is important to note that SOUNDRAW does not use deep learning or other cutting-edge AI techniques. Instead, it uses a more rule-based, algorithmic approach to music generation.

The music generated by SOUNDRAW is probably not going to be as sophisticated as the music generated by some other AI music generators, such as AIVA.

SOUNDRAW Pricing: The Creator Plan is priced at $19.99 per month. And the Artist Plan, with even more functionalities, comes at $39.99 per month. What’s nice is your license is lifelong. So you can keep using the music you downloaded, even if you cancel your subscription — for both old and new projects.

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